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Ph.D. position available in ecohydrologic modeling

Position Description

The University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) International Arctic Research Center (IARC) invites applications for a three year funded interdisciplinary, computer science oriented PhD assistantship commencing in Spring 2012 as part of the Department of Energy funded project, “Development of a Cold Regions Regional-Scale Hydrologic Model.” This project aims to develop a high-resolution, integrated ecohydrologic model to be used to help parameterize larger regional scale earth system models (e.g. RASM). The computational demands of the project will necessitate implementation of various model components on high-performance computing architectures at UAF’s Arctic Region Supercomputing Center (ARSC). Primary milestones to be tackled by the PhD student include: 1) assistance in the development and deployment of a hybrid ecohydrologic model for arctic regions on massively parallel computing systems, 2) use of parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods to estimate system-wide uncertainties in the modeling process, and 3) coupling (via CPL7) of the hybrid, hydrologic model with regional earth system models.

Applicants should have an outstanding undergraduate and Master’s record. The ideal candidate will have significant computer programming experience (including Python, Fortran, or C/C++), particularly in a supercomputing environment, a demonstrated aptitude in math and statistics relating to Bayesian procedures for parameterestimation, and a strong interest, with some experience in the application of numerical computer models to real-world geophysical problems.

Work Environment
The work will be conducted at the International Arctic Research Center (http://www.iarc.uaf.edu) and the Arctic Region Supercomputer Center (http://www.arsc.edu) both located on the the University of Alaska Fairbanks (http://www.uaf.edu) campus.

To Apply
Graduate student assistants must apply and be accepted into an appropriate UAF Graduate School program (

Additional Information
For more information, please contact Larry Hinzman (lhinzman@iarc.uaf.edu), Bob Bolton (bbolton@iarc.uaf.edu), Don Morton (Don.Morton@alaska.edu) or Jessie Cable (jcable@iarc.uaf.edu). 



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