Interior Alaska science fair judging

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Jessie Young was a judge for the Interior Alaska science fair in Fairbanks. She was part of a group that was tasked with judging girls’ posters and helping determine which projects should receive an award funded by the Association for Women in Science and the Alaska EPSCoR program. Here is a link to a spotlight story for IARC:

It’s springtime…. almost

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The leaves are not even close to coming out, but our field crew is out every week now. Bob Bolton is measuring snow melt, and Jessie Cable (now Jessie Young) has been busy installing TDR probes and band dendrometers in trees. The TDR probes are used to measure tree water content and the band dendrometers are used to measure tree growth in girth.

We already have several datapoints on tree water content and luckily, they’re still dry (25%). But, that won’t last long. Soon the birch trees will suck up a bunch of water and increase their water content to nearly 120%!

The week after we put the dendrometers on the trees, it appears that they shrunk by 0.5 to 1 cm! That’s a lot. We had to tighten all the bands again. We feel lucky to have “busted” these secret trees as they shrink and swell with the temperature and moisture.

Soon our field work will be in full swing, with more TDR and dendrometer measurements. We’ll continue with the stable isotope sample collection and the water stress measurements. We’re also adding a bunch of stuff to our plate this summer, including evaporation, cavitation, and LAI measurements. Should be fun! With the help of Patrick Ealy and Sammy Dempster, our days won’t be too long.

More to come….