Interior Alaska science fair judging

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Jessie Young was a judge for the Interior Alaska science fair in Fairbanks. She was part of a group that was tasked with judging girls’ posters and helping determine which projects should receive an award funded by the Association for Women in Science and the Alaska EPSCoR program. Here is a link to a spotlight story for IARC:

Starting a new outreach project at the UAF botanical garden

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The Children’s Garden is part of the botanical garden at UAF.

We are helping them run some sap flux sensors they installed into a choke cherry tree. They put sensors on four branches of different sizes. The system was just turned on a couple of weeks ago, so we will be downloading the data soon to show you what this tree may or may not be doing right before bud burst. Here are some photos of the sap flux setup and the gazebo where the data are being collected.

What did you learn today?

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Today I helped judge the Anne Wein Elementary Science Fair. Today I learned about determining the optimal design of the blades on a wind generator (one of my favorites) and the compressibility of different kinds of cake. A fun morning.

Sponge cake (right) is more compressible than carrot cake (left).